1:1 Executive Mentoring Progam

Free for our members!

In January 2020, we launched free 12-week, 1:1 mentoring. Senior executives and successful entrepreneurs are dedicating their time to help you achieve your career goals. Enrollment for Q1 2020 is closed and we matched over 50 women (all who applied) with an executive mentor. 


The submission deadline for our June class is May 1, 2020


  • How it works: The mentorship will last for 12 weeks. You will meet with your mentor 1:1 (in person or remotely) for up to 4 sessions.  In addition, Denice Torres and Sandy Babey will be holding a kick-off session via ZOOM for the class.

  • Who is this for? Any member of The Mentoring Place.

  • Who are the mentors?: each mentor is a highly successful senior leader (vice president and above) or entrepreneur/business owner.

  • What you can work on with your mentor: it is up to you! Let us know about your needs and we will match you up with someone that can help you. Sample areas include career planning and decision-making, power and influence, gaining sponsorship, rebounding from a challenge, asking for what you want, balance, overcoming fear, etc.

  • How to get in the program: submit your one-page application (see below) to contact@thementoringplace.com

  • Time-period for mentoring: one quarter

  • Where there be other classes? Yes, our goal is to mentor as many women as possible, on a 1:1 basis, in 2020.

  • What if I’m not selected? Our goal is to place everyone who applies with a mentor. If we end up not having enough exec mentors, just check the box on the form and you will automatically be considered for the next class(es). Our goal is to 

  • What are the criteria for selecting: clarity of goals, the opportunity for a great mentor match, desire and ability to commit to the program.

  • Cost: the program is free but we ask participants to consider donating to The Mentoring Place administrative fund to help cover costs. A donation is not a requirement but is greatly appreciated.

About Us

We're successful senior executives; each with 30+ yrs experience 
We've run multi-billion $ businesses
At some of the most respected companies 

We're experts in leadership + culture. We've worked with many organizations.

And, we’ve championed and  mentored thousands of people

Real World, No BS.   If We Haven't Lived It, We Don't Teach It.

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