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Hi! I'm Denice Torres, founder of The Mentoring Place. For nearly 30 years I was a senior executive in some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world. As a gay, Hispanic, woman, with a 6th-grade sense of humor, I didn't exactly fit the mold. I worked incredibly hard to achieve success and have always been passionate about helping other women. I was fortunate to have had some career angels and established The Mentoring Place to help you get where you want, faster and with more confidence.

This year, my colleague turned good friend, Sandy Babey joined me on this journey. Sandy has been a senior leader at major organizations like BD and J&J. She is amazing and is a highly sought after mentor, and sponsor.

The Mentoring Place offers two exclusive courses: Career Breakthrough and Career Confidence + Influence as well as a podcast, Flip the Tortilla.

Our approach is simple: straight talk, inside scoop, no B.S., real-world. We will push you to gain clarity, develop and execute an action plan. The goal is to ignite your dreams by breaking through barriers. We'd love for you to join the sisterhood.  XO


Meet Denice Torres


  • Consultant, Advisor, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Board Member

  • CEO and Founder, The Mentoring Place

  • Author, Flip the Tortilla, Jan 2020

  • Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, Med Device, J&J

  • President, Consumer Healthcare, J&J

  • President, Jannsen Pharma, CNS, J&J

  • VP, Sales & Marketing, Biosurgery, J&J

  • VP, Marketing, Neurology, J&J

  • Exec Director, Women's Health, Lilly

  • Attorney


B.S. Psychology, Ball State

J.D., Indiana University School of Law

MBA, University of Michigan

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Hi, I'm so glad to meet you! I spent 30 years in corporate America and was able to rise to the ranks of executive leadership at companies like Johnson & Johnson.


Looks smooth on paper but it was anything but that. I grew up in the steel town of Gary, Indiana where my first three jobs consisted of being a janitor (which provided me with some valuables lessons). Motivated by equal parts determination and fear, I forged into the world of all white men meetings, expensive briefcases, and Mont Blanc pens. I loved the work but was clueless about "the game." I fell down and got back up, over and over (and over) again. Over the years I discovered the importance of  sponsorship, mentorship, leadership, and many more "ships." I learned how to lead, be a change agent, thrive in really tough situations, and get the jobs I wanted. In the process, I achieved financial freedom. 


My first love is my family. I met my wife Kim over 22 years ago and she is our rock! We are moms to Sierra, the best girl on the planet. Sierra is 19 and was born with cerebral palsy. We live in New Hope, PA and Philadelphia with our golden doodle and senior citizen, Patty.

My second love is helping other women succeed, to realize your amazing potential, and find your kick-ass light. While I'm fluent in corporate-speak I prefer to use my first language, straight talk. Although Kim frequently reminds me that I communicate everything in actions words - I never take a shower, I jump in the shower, instead of going to the store, I run to the store. Well, you get the picture. 

I hope you join our group, listen to Flip the Tortilla podcast, or sign up for one of our exclusive courses. We've created each with love and a real desire to help you.


You can reach me at denice@thementoringplace.com or denicetorres.com


Meet Sandy Babey

Welcome to The Mentoring Place!


If I were on a game show and had to describe myself in four words, they would be passionate, values-driven, trustworthy, and service-minded. I was successful as an executive at several major companies and was able to retire from the corporate world at a relatively young age to focus on new goals. The Mentoring Place is one of those goals.


According to HBR, "while more than 75% of professional men and women want to have a mentor, only 37% have one.  What’s more, most of the people currently acting as mentors aren’t having as dramatic an impact as they could because they’re too narrowly focused on career advancement instead of mentoring the whole person." The Mentoring Place is dedicated to helping you gain insights, develop and execute action plans, and connect. We are here for you!

In many ways, I’ve been fortunate in life. I grew up in a super supportive family who encouraged me to try new things, learn, fail, and get back up again. I have two amazing men in my life: my husband of 25 years, Paolo Capocci, our creative 23-year-old son, Christian, and Bernese Mountain Dog, Giada. We live in Oldwick, NJ and Sora, Italy (between Rome & Naples).


I am really looking forward to meeting and working with you! You can reach me at sandy@thementoringplace.com.



  • Consultant, Advisor, Executive Coach, Board Member
  • Co-Founder, The Mentoring Place
  • VP/General Manager, US Region, BD (Becton Dickenson)

  • Vice President, Strategic Market Development, Ethicon Surgical, J&J

  • Vice President, US Marketing, Ethicon Products, J&J                           
  • Vice President, Managed Markets, Pharmaceuticals, J&J


  • BS, Business, University of Rhode Island

  • MPA, Health Policy, New York University

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