Our Difference

We're successful senior executives; each with 30+ yrs experience 
And have run multi-billion $ businesses
At some of the most respected companies 

We're experts in leadership + culture. We've worked with many organizations.

And, we’ve championed and  mentored thousands of people

Real World, No BS. 

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Limited to 25 Women Ready to Ignite
Career-Changing Confidence + Influence

Career Confidence + Influence


This seven-week course is for WOMEN WHO:


Struggle with asking for what you what

Doubt your own instincts

Have been told you need greater impact

Your inner voice is doubting vs cheering you on

Feel intimidated by others

You are easily offended, magnify feedback, or  have trouble sorting through what voices you should internalize

Constantly compare yourself to what society/”they” view as ideal (vs real world)

Feel different or alone because of ________

Sometimes feel like an impostor and it is only a matter of time before others expose you


Want to improve your ability to play “the game” and still be yourself


  • Runs from October 21 - December 9

  • Monday, 6-7:15PM (EST)



  • Conducted live on ZOOM

  • Courses are recorded and shared following

  • Pre-work is easy to access and designed to stimulate reflection and valuable personal insights


  • Denice Torres and Sandy Babey


  • Limited to 25


Want 1:1 mentoring with Denice or Sandy throughout the course? Sign up for our executive mentoring special. Includes course and three individual sessions (one hour each) for $4,000.

   Enrollment now closed.

See you in 2020!   


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