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Membership Info

Membership Info

Experience and be part of The Mentoring Place at no cost! This membership is made possible through the donation of time from our executive mentors and sponsors who are subsidizing content development and other operational costs. Our membership includes:

1:1 Exective Mentoring For 90 Days

Get matched with a top executive for 90-days of 1:1 mentoring. The mentoring includes up to four, one-hour virtual sessions. The executive mentors are current or retired senior leaders.

Access to The Mentoring Place Professional Services

All members are eligible for these discounted services

Flip the Tortilla podcast featuring Denice Torres

Join Denice Torres - and her guests - as she takes an inspirational, insightful, funny, and sometimes irreverent look at the complex working world for women.
You can find Flip the Tortilla, a 30-minute, weekly podcast on all major platforms beginning December 2020.

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