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We're not sending the elevator down.
We're coming to get you.

Hi! I'm Denice Torres, founder of The Mentoring Place. For nearly 30 years I was a senior executive in some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world. As a gay, Hispanic, woman, with a 6th-grade sense of humor, I didn't exactly fit the mold. I worked incredibly hard to achieve success and have always been passionate about helping other women. I was fortunate to have had some career angels and established

The Mentoring Place to help you get where you want, faster, and with more confidence.


Sandy Babey, co-founder of The Mentoring Place, joined me on this journey a few years ago. She is also wildly passionate about paying it forward. Her business and leadership success, combined with a huge heart, has made The Mentoring Place an ever better platform for women. 


We want you to achieve your incredible potential!

The Mentoring Place Executive Mentors

Our executive mentors are some of the best and brightest leaders in their companies and fields. The majority

of our mentors are executives at large companies; others are retired from corporate life and are thriving as entrepreneurs, board members, and serving their communities. The women and men are dedicating their

time and experience to helping you achieve your career goals. We love them for who they are and what they do.​

We have a growing list of nearly 100 executive mentors. Below is a sampling of some of our incredible volunteers.

Melissa Surdez

Global Head of Employee Experience, Johnson & Johnson 

I mentor because I live by the “golden rule” – treat others the way you want to be treated. The more goodness you put into this world, the more you get back!

Melissa brings more than 27 years of professional experience in Human Resources. She is also an established professional TEDx/Public speaker having spoken on the topic of being your true authentic self and being radically real around the world both within and outside J&J. Finally, Melissa is a certified Life Coach thru the International Federations of Coaches. 

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Cecilia Soriano  

Global VP/GM Microbiology, Integrated Diagnostic Systems, BD

Cecilia is a global, results-driven, and authentic leader with over 25 years of proven track record in consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. She brings deep general management experience and strategic marketing depth with a strong passion for building high performing diverse teams.

It gives me tremendous personal satisfaction to give back, but to be honest, I get just as much out of it as the mentees. Mentoring is a privilege as it allows me to reflect on my own career and find new insight and inspiration from amazing people. 

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The Founders

Denice Torres

denice torres march 20 2021.jpg

Former Fortune 100 Executive turned Entrepreneur and Social Change Igniter, Founder of The Mentoring Place

Denice is Founder of The Ignited Company, a holding company for several thriving business ventures. She is a 30-year healthcare industry veteran and served as president of multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare businesses at Johnson & Johnson.

Denice serves on four public and one VC board. She is wildly passionate about helping the underdog (as a gay, Hispanic, female, she was one) and taking on new challenges like launching a podcast (check out Flip the Tortilla and all major platforms).

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Sandy Babey

sandy b.jpeg

Business Builder, Master Connector, Energy Amplifier, Co-founder of The Mentoring Place

Sandy is co-founder of The Ignited Company, a holding company for several thriving business ventures. She also has 25 years experience in executive roles at healthcare giants, including Johnson & Johnson, BD, and Aetna. Sandy is extraordinary in transforming the rules of the game to open the doors of opportunity for others.

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