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Real-World Career Mentoring For Women

By Leading Executives. Free.

Want To Overcome These Common Challenges?


   How do I...?

  • Understand and master the rules of the game

  • Increase my leadership impact

  • Get sponsorship

  • Build my brand

  • Know when it's time to make a change

  • Exude confidence when I don't feel it

  • Recover from a disappointment

  • Get a promotion or ask for a raise

  • Build my skills so I am competitive

We're Not Sending The Elevator Down,

We're Here to Get You

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Our Free Membership Includes

  • 1:1 Executive Mentoring for 90 days

  • 5-Minute Career Tips with a variety of experts

  • Flip the Tortilla weekly podcast with Denice Torres

  • Significantly discounted professional services

  • The Mentoring Place monthly newsletter


We Get You.

We've Been There!

​We’re an unmatched group of successful

executives, dedicated to showing you the way.


Sweeny Chhabra

Senior Director, Biomedical Operations, McKesson

I have benefited tremendously from my mentors' wisdom, experience,

and their advice on communicating effectively with senior executives. 

I continue to use this knowledge to navigate a new promotional

opportunity and create career options to showcase my best work. 

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