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We're successful senior executives; each with 30+ yrs experience 
We've run multi-billion $ businesses
At some of the most respected companies 

We're experts in leadership + culture. We've worked with many organizations.

And, we’ve championed and  mentored thousands of people

Real World, No BS.   If We Haven't Lived It, We Don't Teach It.

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Decades of Senior Leadership Experience

Thousands of Women Mentored

Undeniable Results

Learn How to Excel at THE GAME

Without  Selling Your Soul

Here's the deal. We're two women who worked their way to executive levels at major companies (learn more about us, here). We didn't have a rule book but instead did it the hard way - by trial and error. Along the way, we got wise to THE GAME and the critical role of mentors and sponsors. We want to give you the inside scoop so you can accelerate your success and find satisfaction in the process.

Power to the Sisterhood


Beginning in January 2020, we are providing free 1:1 executive mentoring to our members. 


Our mentors are vice-president level (or higher) or successful entrepreneurs.


For Q1 2020 we matched over 50 women with mentors. We are now accepting applications for June 2020. Our goal is to find an executive mentor for all applicants.

This benefit is truly priceless! 

Inside Scoop


Do you want to better understand THE GAME and unwritten rules? Want to learn how you can get ahead while remaining authentic (something we highly recommend!)? While the notion of a "game" may sound harsh or even disingenuous, it's not!


Elements of human nature, power, position, and influence are a part of life. There is a better and faster way to understand how to successfully navigate your career than exclusively through the school of hard knocks. That's what The Mentoring Place is all about - making successful career management easier for you. There is no textbook schtick here - if we haven't lived it, we don't teach it.

We quickly get to insights and actions in this 90-minute session. 

There is NO CHARGE for this class - if you want a link to the class just register below.

Date: Available May 2020


Ignite your Mojo

The topic of women and confidence has been heavily researched and talked about over the years. Whether you don't have enough confidence, have challenges with the constraining tightrope of assertiveness vs. aggressive, or feel stuck in the "nice girl syndrome," we can help.  

You are not alone. Many of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy or fear which prevents us from pursuing our dreams, taking a stand, and asking for what we want. 

In this live 90-minute session on ZOOM, we will share no-B.S. insights and actions on harnessing your natural strengths to feel and show up more confident.


Available May 2020

There is NO CHARGE for this class - if you want a link to the class just register below.



August Meet-Up

If you live in the NY, PA, NJ area and are interested in meeting Denice, Sandy, and other members of The Mentoring Place, please join us for our Q1 2020 Meet-Up. The setting is very cool and informal - zero need to "dress up!"  We'd love to talk with you.


Date: TBD


Location: Russo's in New Hope, PA) 41 N Main St, New Hope, PA 18938 

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Become an Insider

Flip the Tortilla

the Podcast

Join Denice Torres as she takes an inspirational, insightful, funny, and sometimes irreverant look at the wacky and wonderful working world for women.


Begins April 2020!

What People Say

Denice- Thank you so much for speaking yesterday. Your personal and professional stories were inspiring. Your candor was engaging and well received. Thanks for always finding the humor, even when in a corporate environment. That's when we need it the most!

- Krista